Frame Straightening

Frame damage is a fairly common occurrence when a car or truck has been involved in an accident. It is important to recognize frame damage so that the appropriate repairs can be included in a repair estimate and then performed.

A critical element of quality collision repair.

Straightening a frame is a critical element of a quality collision repair job. If the frame is not properly straightened, virtually all other repairs will be compromised. An improperly repaired frame or unibody can lead to alignment problems, increased tire wear, body panel alignment issues, and even vehicle safety issues.  The experienced estimators and technicians at B&R Collision are trained to look for and recognize frame damage, to properly estimate the repair costs, and to perform this critical portion of the repair to your car or truck.

Proper Tools & Experience Important to Successful Frame Repair

It is absolutely vital to have and use the proper tools for frame straightening and repair.  The most common and important tool used is a frame straightener, also called a frame rack, a frame machine, or a frame jig.  This vital tool provides the proper anchor points and direction hydraulic force required to successfully repair a damaged automotive frame.  In addition to the correct tools, an experienced technician is vital to a proper repair.  The tolerances for a correctly straightened frame are typically 1 to 3 millimeters. Achieving that level of precision in frame repair takes years of experience.

Regardless of the severity of the damage to your vehicle’s frame, B&R Auto Body will work to restore your vehicle to its previous condition quickly using the best tools and techniques available.